Technology is always changing, and the way that organizations do business is no different.  Technology and organizations need to change and evolve into doing more for their business and clients.  Bringing your organization forward can be an uphill battle for some, because it may seem like a daunting task.  Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start.  Below we will cover various new and useful software that can help you get your organization to the next level.


Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Today a lot of nonprofits and corporations do online peer to peer fundraising because of its effectiveness and how easy it can be to get started.  Peer to peer fundraising is really a easy concept, that has been happening for years.  To put it simply, this type of fundraising is when someone takes the initiative and asks people they know to help a cause they believe in.  The effort is maximized when people continue to tell others.  That's when your potential donor circle is greatly increased.  Sounds easy right?  It is!  Especially with todays technologies.  Depending on your needs, there are lots of solutions available.  If you are a person interesting in raising funds for a "one off" cause, then your solution is likely different than an organization who specializes and continues to raise funds year around.  

There are various platforms that enable you to accomplish this goal.  

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Have or Need Volunteers?

Today more nonprofit organizations are making use of good-hearted people wanting to help others and make a difference.  This is great for organizations, but needs to be handled carefully or it can be a nightmare for the company's image.  When you have volunteers, you need to make the experience as pain-free and easy as possible.  As soon as you start introducing processes and mundane tasks, they will loose interest and leave.  Volunteers want to make a difference, not blend in to being a "free employee".  So first you need to put them in rewarding roles and expose them to the people/goals they're helping.  The next thing you need to do is streamline their process and make it easy for them to volunteer!  This might sound silly, but there's a lot of organizations out there that use a paper calendar to track sign-ups.  This means that they have REALLY great volunteers, and probably don't deserve them.

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