Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Ideas

We are going to break down online fundraising software and list our opinion.  All the software listed below is fully functional and will get the job done, we're just giving a brief overview to help give you some ideas.


Looking to fundraise online?

Fundraising online has never been easier!  You can create a fundraiser, setup your bank/merchant, and use social media to start spreading the word!  Don't be fooled by some of the pricing structures on various online fundraising software.  Taking money online is NOT free.  Period! charge nobody can get around is the Credit card charge.  All major credit cards take a percentage (around 2.3% - 3%) of the transaction.  That cost is baked into any transaction.  On top of that, the software will likely take a per-transaction fee, or a monthly fee.  You need to decide which works best for you.  


There are various tips to maximize your fundraiser.  People are more likely to donate to a person they know, then a hospital or other organization.  Having a fundraiser with a familiar face statistically is more successful.  If you are needing to raise funds for someone or something, then these sites below are great!

GoFundMe is a great fundraising platform for people who are going through a hardship or need funds for a specific need.  The interface is easy, and you can customize your fundraiser.  On the other side, this is a great place for people to look who are wanting to help others!  The pricing is easy to understand (5% charge).  This site is mobile-friendly and has a great reputation!  This site is great for one-time fundraising.

Cons:  Single campaigns.  Need to redirect your site and design your fundraising page.

Duplie is a fundraising platform that aims at being a premier 1 stop solution.  They allow online peer to peer fundraising  along with other advantages.  You can built your custom website on the platform and enable other nonprofit functionality.  Their pricing structure is easy to understand ($65/mo charge) and they don't charge per transaction.  The beauty of this solution is that they allow you to build your website and your fundraising on the same site.  It's pretty simple.  The downside is that it's geared more towards a nonprofit or company.  While you can setup a single page, it's true benefit is setting up ongoing fundraisers for nonprofits.

Cons:  Lack of documentation

Classy is also a leader in the industry.  This platform allows for you to have multiple plans to fit your needs.  Unfortunately, they aren't well designed.  The free plan (charges 5%) and limits you to 1 fundraiser, 1 administrator.  If you want 2 fundraisers, you have to pay upwards of $499/mo, and they still charge 2%.  Being a leader in the fundraising industry, they have great articles and insight into how to maximize your fundraiser.  This software is a great option for one-time fundraising, or multiple campaigns.

Cons:  A bit pricey.  Need to redirect your site and design your fundraising page.

DonorSnap is a big player in fundraising.  The features seem very usable, it's just a shame that the interface is from the early 90's.  This software must be ginormous, because they haven't rediesigned it since probably the inception.  Other than the look/feel, they do offer dashboards a lot of other useful views.  The pricing structure is easy to understand, based on the number of contacts (<1,001 is $39/mo).  This fundraising software seems to be more geared towards a contact database, that also does fundraising, but the feature list is still impressive.  

Cons:  Ugly

Blackbaud is a very large enterprise software solution.  Their main focus seems to be around the data, and managing the relationships with the donors.  I wasn't able to get much information from their site, and was confused with their product suite.  They seem like a very diverse and overly complicated company with lots of buzz words.  I'm not able to fully understand how they fit into this article, so I'll just stop there...

Cons:  You need a PHD to understand what they can do


I hope you found this helpful, and wish you luck!