Volunteer Management Software Ideas

Having volunteers is great, but you need to do your part to reward and retain them!  To keep your volunteers, make their sign-up process easy, and expose them to the good that their doing.  We are going to break down online volunteer management software and list our opinions.  All the software listed below is fully functional and will get the job done, we're just giving a brief overview to help give you some ideas.


Looking to manage volunteers online?

First, think about your process.  Now think harder.  Now think about making it easier!  Once you have your volunteer, you want them to have a site online where they can quickly (less than 10 seconds) find the next opportunity.  Volunteers are not always tech savvy, so the site needs to be easy.  If the site is not easy, then they will likely become frustrated and leave thinking "I wanted to spend time volunteering, not figuring out an online application".  Don't let it come to that, there's plenty of easy to use online volunteer management software out there!   


This might be difficult, but try to not let price drive your volunteer management solution.  Having volunteers that donate hours of their time are worth an extra $20+ a month.  You want them to have a good experience and keep coming back!



VSys One is a great volunteer system that is updated and maintained very well.  They have great support (but you also pay extra for it).  The VSys Live solution is a web-based software that allows you to setup custom pages.  This software allows multiple integration aspects (Kronos), and allows you to track time.  They do offer constant webinars, which is good and bad.  Good that it helps their users, but bad in that this needs to be done at all.  This shows that the tool is not as intuitive as users need.  But then again, volunteering can get complex.  They also have a lot of documentation which is a plus!

Cons:  Slightly complex, Have to contact for pricing



Duplie is a nonprofit volunteer management software that aims at being a premier 1 stop solution.  This software is web-based and allows you to create a custom site with their integrated site builder.  Their pricing structure is easy to understand ($95/mo charge).  With the volunteer plan, volunteers can send messages, post on the events, customize their profile.  This has a unique security aspect that allows you to lock down certain roles for specific users, to give you complete control.  This solution is great for recurring volunteer opportunities!  Multiple views of events to help volunteers find opportunities, and a great looking design!  Geared more towards corporate and nonprofit organizations with recurring roles.

Cons:  Lack of documentation



VolunteerSpot is a veteran in this industry.  They offter a great pricing plan list (free for 1 organizer).  This solution is great for one-off volunteer events and is easy to use.  This platform allows for you to have multiple plans to fit your needs.  They offer a great way to capture the hours spent by the volunteer.  You can easily send announcments and "Thank you" notes!  Multiple views of events to help volunteers find opportunities.  Offers easy to use "password free" sign ups (this can also be bad).  You can easily swap shifts!  This volunteer software is geared more towards an easy to use and less of a "security conscious" environment.  So schools, churches and similar organizations can benefit.

Cons:  Cannot lock down roles that I found.



DonorSnap is a big player in fundraising and volunteer.  The features seem very usable, it's just a shame that the interface is from the early 90's.  This software must be ginormous, because they haven't rediesigned it since probably the inception.  Other than the look/feel, they do offer dashboards a lot of other useful views.  The pricing structure is easy to understand, based on the number of contacts (<1,001 is $39/mo).  This volunteer software seems to be more geared towards a contact database, that also does volunteering, but the feature list is still impressive.  

Cons:  Ugly


I hope you found this helpful, and wish you luck!